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    Laptop Policy and Agreement

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    Future Tech Career Laptop Policy and Agreement

    Establish guidelines and procedures for Future Tech Career Institute students to attain a laptop device, intended for higher education utilization, while attending FTCI. This policy provides conditional information the student needs to agree to and follow concerning vouchers for Certification Testing. Additionally, it provides for compliance with FERPA.

    Incoming Future Tech Career Institute (FTCI) students classified as either in-state or out-of-state are eligible to receive a laptop through the FTCI Laptop Scholarship. International students do not qualify due to customs enforcement and the inability for the school to file claims through international carriers. If a student does not submit a request to receive a laptop within 45 days of the date (varies) of their initial enrollment, as a student at FTCI, they have actively relinquished their opportunity to use this benefit during their career as a FTCI student.  

    Students returning to FTCI for additional programs that have previously received a Laptop through the FTCI Laptop Scholarship will not be eligible to participate. An exception to this rule can be made for students returning after a full 36-months has passed since the completion of their last course at FTCI or when a student can show a valid financial and educational need. When exceptions are approved for an additional benefit through the FTCI Laptop Scholarship. Laptop scholarship opportunity issuance of laptop will be based on availability.  

    Recipients will be responsible to maintain their device, while enrolled at FTCI. Those who leave FTCI (graduation, transferring, dropping out or taking a break from schooling) do not need to return their laptop.  

    Application procedures for the FTCI Laptop scholarship and Claim your Laptop
    Visit the FTCI homepage and complete the FTCI Laptop Scholarship application through the website link. Eligibility is based on current enrollment status. It may take up to seven (7) business days to verify enrollment and eligibility requirements. 

     The laptop can be picked up locally at any FTCI location or can be shipped domestically (FTCI will be covering shipping costs). An email confirmation of shipment will be provided to the student’s school email address.  It is imperative that all information on the application is correct to ensure that students receive their laptop in a timely manner. The address on the scholarship application is where the laptop will be shipped to. Students bear all responsibility for any issues with shipping based on any incorrect information they provide.   

    Connect with the Student Services Coordinator if you have accessibility needs pertaining to the use of the laptop.  

    Required Maintenance 
     All updates and security measures will be managed by the student.   

    Loss and Theft
     In the event of loss or theft during shipping, the student needs to immediately file a report with the local Police Department and contact the IT Support Department at FTCI. Student will be required to provide FTCI with a copy of the police report. Upon receipt of the police report, FTCI will issue a replacement laptop to the student.  

    Important Repair Information 
    Most repairs will result in loss of all data and personal files stored on the laptop. Back up your data regularly to student storage or other media and especially before repair services.  

    FTCI will cover the cost to repair or replace a laptop that was found to be not operational within 72- hours of receipt by the student due to manufacturing or hardware issues. Students will be required to return the laptop to FTCI for diagnosis, repair and/or replacement (FTCI will cover shipping costs).  

     Student has up to 72-hours within receipt to report any damage to, hardware failure, or software failure for the laptop they were provided.  The student will be financially responsible for the repair or replacement of any equipment or software that is not reported within 72-hours of receipt.  This applies regardless of damage being the cause of normal “everyday wear and tear”, or damage incurred beyond “everyday wear and tear”. 

       An exception to the rule may be requested if a student’s laptop suffers hardware or software failure, that was found to be through no fault of their own, or as a result of normal “everyday wear and tear” by the FTCI IT Support team, and a student can show a valid financial and educational need exists.

    Return Policy
     Students that receive a Laptop through the FTCI Laptop Scholarship.    

     Important Information
     Wireless network functionality will vary by environmental conditions. Battery performance will naturally degrade over time. Replacement is dependent on vendor policies. FTCI does not make any warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the security of data, loss of notebook, or any other related matter during the term of this agreement  

    Agreement Highlights 

    Laptop Computer Use and Alterations 
     Student understands and agrees to policy that any attempt to open, dismantle, modify or remove the laptop computer’s case will result in the voiding of any valid warranty.   

    It is not the responsibility of FTCI to provide maintenance of, or technical assistance for any software applications or hardware not provided by the institution or listed as part of the official FTCI training program for which the student is enrolled. 

    Loss and Damage
    The student shall take reasonable and prudent care to maintain the laptop computer and assorted components in a safe and secure manner. The student shall bear the risk of loss for a lost, stolen, or damaged laptop computer and components from the date the student receives delivery of the laptop as set forth in the agreement. 

    Indemnity and Assignment and Compliance with Applicable Law and Policy
    Assignment and Compliance with Applicable Law and Policy 
    This Agreement and the covenants contained herein are neither assignable nor transferable.  

    The student agrees to comply with and adhere to UCCS’s regulations and policies governing the use of computing services and components. 

    The student agrees to comply with State and Federal laws and regulations including, but not limited to, laws of libel, data privacy, copyright, trademark, gambling, obscenity, and child pornography; the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which prohibit “hacking” and similar activities; and State computer crime statutes. 

    Ownership & Indemnity
    Laptop, components, and peripherals shall be the property of student receiving the scholarship thereby establishing that care for, updates to and security of all digital property and hardware are the responsibility of the student. The student acknowledges all responsible of their personal use of FTCI provided information technology systems and the liability resulting therefrom.  

    FTCI is not responsible for injuries, damages, penalties, or losses, including legal costs and expenses incurred by the student or other person(s) due to installation of software, transporting the laptop, or any other use of equipment described herein.   

    The student shall indemnify FTCI for any injuries, damages, or losses caused by the intentional or negligent act(s) of the student. The obligation of indemnification to FTCI survives the term of this Agreement. 

    Insurance & Warranty
    Student is encouraged to have a homeowner/renter insurance policy or a special insurance policy that covers private property in the event of loss or theft of laptop. Manufacturer’s warranty cannot be relied upon to cover such events.   

    FTCI does not make any warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the security of data, loss of laptop, or any other related matter during the term of this Agreement.  

    FTCI Technology Security
    While FTCI is committed to protecting its technology resources and its campus technology users from misuse, illegal and malicious activities. Some of the most common threats include phishing/email scams, viruses, worms, spyware, adware and identity theft.  Often failure of the user to protect their information either by opening unsolicited email, clicking unverified links or other negligent activities results in the victimization of these viable threats. Only you can ensure your information security is maintained for your online and offline activities.  

    Email Service Usage 
    All FTCI email is operated on Office 365, which provides the foundation for Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks information. Office 365 Email is a Microsoft hosted email solution that gives users the ability to send email, use calendaring, setup tasks, and set reminders. Your FTCI email credentials provide you access to these and other benefits such as OneDrive, Online Microsoft Apps and access to Microsoft Office Applications which may be utilized on your desktop or mobile devices while actively enrolled.

    Copyright and File Sharing
    Although the FTCI Information Technology department does not actively scan or monitor the campus network for copyright violations, individuals using FTCI computing resources should be aware that such acts may result in suspension or removal of computer access, expulsion, corrective and/or disciplinary action, as well as civil and/or criminal penalties.  

    Computing Policy
    In addition to being a violation of federal law, use of file sharing software to illegally obtain copyrighted material is a violation of FTCI Computing User Policy. Faculty, staff or students who violate this policy will be referred to the appropriate administrative and/or review authority for further action.  Information Technology will take the appropriate legal action against any individual found with repeat violations of the policy as outlined in the procedures below.  

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