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How to avoid a phony job offer

Accepting a fake job can cost you money you don’t have. A look at how to identify if a job offer is legitimate.
Free software during COVID-19

Which jobs will be in demand post-coronavirus?

During the post-coronavirus era, many types of jobs will be in great demand because of federal legislation and programs. Some of these jobs will be in demand because of their social contributions, others because of the dollar value of their products and services, and still others because of both of these factors.

These 15 jobs will be in high demand over the next 5 years—some with salaries

The U.S. economy took a major hit during the coronavirus pandemic, with tens of millions of people filing for unemployment over the course of just several months. Beginning in May and as states reopened economies, jobs in sectors like hospitality began to open back up. In June alone, as many as 4.8 million jobs were added to the labor market.

7 Online Interview Tips for a Successful Virtual Job Interview

Using the internet to search for a job has long been the norm, and now, using videoconferencing software to interview for employment opportunities is on the rise.

900,000 Accept Census Job Offers; Bureau Outlines New Plans to Keep Workers

As the Census Bureau has made significant adjustments to its decennial count operations and timelines due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it is making new promises to the nearly 1 million temporary employees who have accepted job offers to keep them safe...

Voice of the consumer: Workforce Center meeting higher demand by job seekers

As unemployment numbers remain at record high levels, a lot of people are trying to find work. One local job center is stepping up in a big way to try and help out. The Pikes Peak Workforce Center opened up a temporary location to help job seekers in person.

Dislocated Workers in Oklahoma Can Prepare for Careers in Technology with

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Up to 100 Oklahomans who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic will build their technical and business skills as a prelude to new careers in the tech field through a new program from the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development and CompTIA, the leading nonprofit association for the tech industry.

What Would It Take to Reskill Entire Industries?

As the global health crisis begins to recede in some countries, the economic one is only just beginning. As of May 27, 2020, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that 94% of the global workforce lives in countries with active workplace closure measures. Businesses across a range of sectors are facing catastrophic losses, resulting in millions of...

What the Shift to Virtual Learning Could Mean for the Future of Higher Ed

Tectonic shifts in society and business occur when unexpected events force widespread experimentation around a new idea. During World War II, for instance, when American men went off to war…
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