How to Log In to Your Student Account

Student Login

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How to Log In to Your Student Account

    1. Our IT Support Team will create your student email & account (All Communications will go to your Future Tech Career Institute student email)
    2. Our IT Support team will provide you with a ‘Online Virtual Training’ orientation, for how to access your student account and
      training materials
    3. IT Support will ship your laptop for class to your home address. please send a confirmation of your mailing address to
    4. Your program training will start within 14-28 days. This will be communicated by the Program Director

Points of Contact:

Student Account, Email, Teams & IT Support

How To Access Your Student Account & Class Content

Student Services will notify you by email when your account has been created and you can login.
The instructions below are for future reference.

Student Login Here

If your name was New Student, your login should look like this
Your login format should look like this

Password: password1!

Check your New CTIChicago Outlook email

    1. You should have a Team Meeting Invite from the instructor
    2. Accept the invite and that will add the class to your Teams calendar
    3. You have to join the class using Teams not the Outlook calendar

To join the class

    1. Open the MS Teams Purple application
    2. Go to the calendar on the left toolbar
    3. Find your class in the calendar
    4. Click join
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