“Technology is an increasingly pervasive influence in every sphere of life, with access to full participation in technology an emergent human right. To advance equity for all women in technology, we must measure what matters and implement policies and practices responsive to gaps and opportunities. Top levels of leadership need to collaborate, advancing public awareness and policies that remove barriers toward an inclusive tech ecosystem.

For over 30 years, has been a leading voice for women in the technology workforce, driving programmatic efforts to build an inclusive tech ecosystem. Our data driven primary research initiatives, including BRAID and Top Companies for Women Technologists, are elevating effective strategies to advance women in learning and work. There is no single solution or silver bullet for achieving intersectional gender and pay equity in tech. It requires a cross sector, multifaceted strategy that engages stakeholders across the technology, employment, women’s rights, education and workforce preparedness, and policy arenas. Under the leadership of CEO Brenda Darden Wilkerson, is building a policy and advocacy agenda to galvanize leaders within the technology community, leveraging the organization’s unique position at the intersection of corporate tech employers, training institutions, and individual women technologists.

Unfortunately, the current status of women in power in the tech ecosystem is bleak. Women are abysmally represented at executive levels in the technology sector and beyond, with only 20 percent of Fortune 500 Chief Innovation officers identifying as women in 2018. Women are choosing to leave their technical roles at higher rates than their male counterparts. In 2018, female-founded companies received only 2.9 percent of total venture capital investment. Advancing women technologists into positions of power requires a concerted effort to build inclusive cultures, hold leaders accountable, and develop and promote women.

Policy interventions need to improve the recruitment, retention and advancement, and pay equity of female technologists. This includes enhancing workforce preparedness; combatting pay inequities; ensuring that women are winning a representative share of entrepreneurial and intellectual investments; preventing identity-based workplace discrimination; and supporting working women and families.” Read More

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