App Development: Does No-Code Mean No Security?

“The new trend in enterprise application development: creating new applications without writing code. “Low-code” or “no-code” development platforms offer the promise of rapid application development — often by business-unit or subject-matter experts — without the overhead of traditional development by traditional developers.

The question is whether no-code also means no security.

From content management systems like WordPress to enterprise application builders like Appian, no/low-code platforms are intended to allow developers to focus on the application logic while the details of device, delivery network, and user interfaces are left to the platform. “Low-code and no-code development models are powerful and democratize development for non-technical users to easily build powerful workflows,” says Vinay Mamidi, senior director of project management at Virsec. “But there’s always a gotcha — while trained developers may have varying levels of skill in security, no-code developers are generally oblivious to security best practices or risks.” Read More

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