TopstepTrader is looking for a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

“With our Product Team and our Marketing Team both running at top speed on initiatives to achieve our company goals, we’re looking for a Digital Marketing Coordinator to help us move even faster and test more quickly. We know that the opportunity our product offers is beneficial to people all over the world, but how do we tell them about it? You’ll help us answer that question through innovative and measurable, sometimes entirely self-started, and always data-driven insights. Someone who is eager, curious, and has a basic grasp of digital marketing will be a great fit for this role.”

The Ideal Candidate

  • Must be proficient in digital marketing concepts. You don’t have to be a pro, but basic knowledge of things like paid search, SEM, SEO, paid social, podcast, video, and blog are a must
  • Project Management skills are also a must. We’ll likely throw a lot at you, so we’ll rely on your serious organization, attention to detail, and ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Eager to learn, curious, and interested in the world around you. We need someone who obsesses over problems and digs deeper on questions to find the best option
  • Smart and approachable. Our entire company will rely on the Marketing Team for aspects of different projects, and we’re team players. As the employees are our clients, establishing a great rapport is one of the most important aspects of the role
  • Ability to prioritize initiatives and communicate clearly across the company. As a small company, we always have a lot going on, and we rely on our teams to have the skills to navigate the best way to accomplish our goals.
  • Have you ever worked with or thought through a customer funnel? It’s a huge bonus, but don’t hesitate to apply if you haven’t
  • An eye for graphic design – also nice to have. If you have specific skills, call it out, but no worries if you don’t
  • Excellent English writing skills and overall positive attitude.

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