FAQ for becoming a Medical Coder

1. Who hires medical coders?
“Nearly every single health care provider uses coded documentation and records. A single hospital may have 50 coders working at any given time — but hospitals are just one of the potential work environments. Inpatient and outpatient facilities, urgent and semi-urgent care facilities, clinics, nursing homes, sports medicine offices, mental health facilities and, of course, doctor’s offices are just a few of the places where well-trained, reliable coders can find a career.”

2. Can medical coding be done at home?
“Yes! Many organizations allow or even encourage telecommuting. Working from home can make the job easier for you and cheaper for your employer, all without sacrificing quality or precision, thanks to advancements like collaborative workflow programs, application-based software and videoconferencing. lists hundreds of coding jobs, many of which can be done in the comfort of your own home.”

3. How can I network with like-minded professionals and prospective employers?
Medical coders — as well as the people and groups that hire, educate, certify and advise them — are organized into trade associations, academies, industry organizations, forums and networking groups. Some of the most prominent and reputable among them are explored further down the page.


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