Vivid Seats is looking for a Front End Engineer. 

“As a Front End Engineer you will help build and optimize web technology that delivers billions of page views to In this role, you’ll be responsible for evolving our current UI practices, while creating the next generation of Vivid Seats’ front end on a cross-functional and fast-moving team. Our front end engineering team has recently migrated all of our legacy JavaScript to a modern ES6 build process, and are working to adopt ReactJS and progressive SPA practices in place of server-side rendered experiences. We are a test-and-learn culture that allows our front end engineering and UX team members to launch A/B experiments that impact hundreds of thousands of users per day.
You’ll have the opportunity to work with our product and UX specialists to turn mockups into features and assist product and technical leadership in project planning and influencing technical decisions. You will be responsible for building and delivering consistently performing UIs, and abstracting these into reusable patterns.”

To be successful, you’ll need

  • A proven career building applications and services in JavaScript and using Node.js
  • Experience building and sharing JavaScript libraries and modules for a feature-driven engineering team
  • Strong knowledge of front-end web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Expertise on at least one client-side JavaScript framework (Experience building React applications preferred)
  • Expertise in developing complex UIs that leverage RESTful JSON APIs
  • Actively contribute opinions on responsive design techniques, and progressive enhancement
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Creativity, fearlessness and an unwavering commitment to putting the customer first

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