Google Ads is an excellent marketing tool to drive leads and clients to your business. By combining Google Ads with a great digital strategy, small businesses can make the most of their marketing dollars. 

Google Ads is an advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results.

These keywords must be relevant to the business target audience and mission to see positive results.

Here are some key ideas when combining Google Ads with digital marketing to expand dollars. 

Information is the key
“Information collected from channels helps to find out what kind of content is resonating. According, to Neil Patel, Twitter is an excellent medium to find out which headlines are most effective and that copy could probably be used on LinkedIn”

Competition mapping
“It is critical to understand how competitors are succeeding. It could be because of compelling copy in their ads or it could be sharp targeting or better keyword management for their PPC success. All the insights which can be borrowed from competition are good enough indicators to plough back in to your campaign strategy.”

Measuring return on investment
“Once you start to track the performance of different channels you get a fair idea of their efficiencies. A platform which is performing well should be utilized more and the less performing ones should be tweaked.”

Input vs results
“When you find out that 5% of the inputs have generated 90% of the results then you know where to focus your resources and efforts. For best results, audit what copy is working, how the blog posts are performing, how are the social followers increasing, what headline is generating more engagement. The laggards can be identified and tweaked accordingly.”

Periodic and recurring tests
“Optimizing budget is an ongoing activity and is in tandem with the ongoing tests across channels.”

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