Future Tech 2021-22 Performance Report

FTCI 12 Month Student Performance Report:
   •  379 (96%) Awarded a Certificate of Course Completion.
   • 335 (85%) Awarded more than one.
   • 241 (61%) Awarded 3 or more.
   • 184  (46%) Awarded 4 or more
   • 102 (26%) Awarded 5 or more

FTCI also has a 98.4 % pass rate for Industry Certified Exams

In 2021 Future Tech Career Institute (FTCI) participated in the Department of Veterans Affairs

VRRAP (Veterans Rapid Retraining Assistance Program). FTCI was approved to participate in the program because we had one of the highest Academic and Administrative performance ratings from the IDVA/VA in 2020-21 compliance visit.

Program Leadership: The FTCI VRRAP program was designed by Paul Johnson Program Director of Future Tech Career Institute and its three operations directors, representing the Army, Navy & Airforce.

Program Design: VRRAP was funded by the VA to address the gap in funding for veterans who needed training but did not have other sources of VA sponsored educational funding. Most of the VRRAP veterans enrolled by FTCI were between the ages of 40-65. Many had not been in school for over 20 years. Most had never taken an online class before.

FTCI designed a VRRAP program to address the client population.

The full time program length was 12 months. Monday through Thursday for 18 hours a week.
Using a crawl, walk, run approach, the 12 month program would allow FTCI the time to layer the necessary foundational learning before moving on to more advanced topics.

FTCI could have simply done a 4 or 6 month program, which would have been fine for working Advanced professionals. The 12 month program was selected to given the veterans the most value possible and the maximum amount of training time allowed under the VRRAP program.

VRRAP Tuition:

FTCI standard 4 month full time program cost is $12,500
Our 12 month full time program has a value of $37,500.
FTCI lowered their Tuition to $25,000 a year for the VRRAP program. That’s a 33% discount!

What’s included in the ‘12 month Full Time’ tuition cost?

• Full time instructor led training
• All course materials
• All certification vouchers that a student qualifies for Student licenses for access to the training platform
• FREE, brand new, high performance laptop (mailed to the student at no cost)
  (Defective laptops were replaced with new ones free of charge to the veteran)
• MS Office 365 subscription
• Course specific software licensing cost, Ex. Full Adobe Creative Suite

Veterans we not charged anything directly for their training. There were absolutely no additional charges or fees for veterans.
All veterans received all of these benefits for FREE!

We are not aware of any other school that has made this level of time and resource investment in assisting the veterans community.

Instructor Performance:

FTCI instructors average over 10 years of ‘real world’ experience.
Instructors are certified in the areas that they teach or have over at least 3 years of current experience in the field.

Covid Impact:

FTCI was forced by state and federal guidelines to offer classes online during the Covid pandemic. Like all schools dealing with Covid restrictions, this created barriers and challenges. Delays in mail delivery, delays in the supply chain for physical books or laptops. Instructor and staff illnesses and so on.

FTCI acted quickly to resolve all challenges, including providing substitute or new instructors as needed. Most of these issues were resolved within a short period of time and process improvement measure were put in place to mitigate these risks in the future. There is no school or entity, private, state or federal that was not severly impacted by Covid. A global Pandemic. Everyone experienced supply and resources issues universally.

The key point for FTCI was that we acted quickly to overcome them without any oversight requiring us to do so.

Student Feedback:

FTCI Surveyed our student body in January 2022

90% of our students had positive feedback and were enjoying and benefitting from their educational experience at FTCI. 10% expressed concerns over issues they felt were serious and caused them to have a negative experience. All of the issues mentioned by the 10% were resolved by the time of the survey. These were past issues not current issues. However we were still glad the students expressed them and we always welcome the input of our student body.

FTCI Tuskegee School Scholarship:

FTCI provided veterans with over $250,000 in FREE School scholarships 2021. FTCI is on pace to eclipse that number in 2022!
FTCI is currently offering 100% FREE school scholarships to veterans who qualify.
These are industry recognized training programs that can lead to industry certifications and employment.
These training program are not funded by any state or federal entity.
These programs are 100% funded by FTCI. By Veterans, for Veterans.

Future Tech Career Institute is committed to assisting veterans, youth and people from all diverse backgrounds with achieving the educational and employment goals.

FTCI has been in business since 2009. Has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB.
Has assisted literally thousands of civilians and veterans with education and employment.
Has a 13 year proven track record of performance and excellence on a state federal and corporate level.

However the true measure of who we are and how we judge ourselves is based on the overall perspective experience and performance of our students!

FTCI Student Experience:

“…the onboarding was on point and the setup was ideal.” – Lillian Common

“I love the structure of the course. I appreciate the instructors that FTCI have, the way they teach and how they make sure we understand the content. I love how the information stays there within Microsoft Teams. It’s good to have the balance of what you’re reading on the screen. The same information that the instructors actually cover. I’m enjoying the flow and the collaboration with classmates. I’ve learned a whole lot.” – Kathleen Harris

“It’s a really great experience being enrolled in FTCI’s AWS course. On their platform, you have flexibility to work by yourself, slide by slide, reading at your own pace. I usually open the knowledge checks and the quizzes I really enjoyed.” – Michael Sancen

“The instructors are really good! They make sure that we know what we’re doing in the course. When they go over the information, they’ll ask in depth questions. They’re very involved!” – Tana Blue

’I just wanted you to know that it has been a joy and wonderful experience to be a student’  ‘I really appreciate the staff, particularly, my Professor; Dr. Michael Crawley”

“The fact that you are offering a scholarship for all the Vets shows your commitment for helping us and it’s not just about the money. I applaud and commend you for acting so unselfish. I also applaud and commend you for letting us complete the course, for offering a voucher to take the certification exam after providing you with three passing scores from the SkillCertPro practice exams of ninety percent or better”

“I will be an advocate on your behalf to stress your professionalism and commitment in all that you have done for me as well as others. I am one of those currently unemployed and I was counting on the VA BAH to my pay my monthly bills while giving my all to concentrate on my studies….’Again, it was no fault of your staff and I thought you were exceptional of what you provided.  I hope this finds you in good spirits and I will keep you in my heart and prayers.”Gary B. Moose

I looked at other schools and no other school I could not find their BM programs with the new integrated technologies into it as.’ They do not include any coding which is really important with technology these days.’…’ I am so grateful… I think flexibility is your strength and having the ability to customize programs to each student. As stated before, technology is forcing roles to be more Agile and combining responsibilities that require new hires to be more well-rounded in their knowledge and expected to hit the ground running” – Geronimo Pena

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