1. Women are too risk averse to build large scalable businesses
“‘This is definitely a myth,’ said Parlikar. ‘Building a scalable business is a matter of acquiring and developing customers, finding a niche in the market, and failing and learning as a business. The qualities that a leader needs for this knows no gender.’ Unfortunately, in the entrepreneurship space, one extremely powerful and pervasive stereotype is that women are too risk averse.'”

2. The work environment is hostile to women.
“’There are startups that are tough on women, and this is unfortunate,” said Parlikar, who leads a tech team of over twenty developers and researchers. ‘Clearly, there is a level of professionalism and decency that is expected in a work environment. When you have to take a stand and vigorously debate technical details with a room full of men, you have to dig deep and follow your truth. I had to learn to do that — to follow my truth — and it has made all the difference in the world for me. It wasn’t something that I was taught. It was something that I learned. I had the answers all along, I just needed to trust in myself.'”

3. Computer science isn’t feminine.
“There’s a common misconception in tech that women are expected to act and dress like men do to get ahead. A typical engineer outfit can consist of a startup branded T-shirt they got as free swag, jeans, sandals and a hoodie. Then there are the ‘bro-grammers,’ a subtype of male programmers who embrace the bro culture by hanging out and drinking a cold beer after a coding sprint.”

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