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    Future Tech Career Transfer of Credit Policy and Agreement

    Establish guidelines and procedures for Future Tech Career Institute (FTCI) transfer of credit policy for FTCI students. This policy provides conditional information the student needs to agree to and follow concerning requests for transfer of Credit and testing out of prerequisite classes.

    The FTCI Program and Academic Director shall ensure compliance with this policy in collaboration and are also responsible for any reviews or updates to this policy.

    FTCI will grant transfer credit only for college level courses completed at a degree granting, regionally accredited, post-secondary two-year and four-year College or University. Credit will also be accepted for courses taken at accredited institutions by the Ministry of Education in the home country. Courses from non-accredited institutions are not transferable to FTCI.
    FTCI will also grant transfer credit for industry recognized certifications obtained in the last three calendar years or 1 Exam version prior, when using Industry recognized certifications.
    Additional information can be found in the FTCI Academic Catalog.
    *Amazon Web Services (AWS) Badges, such as those from AWS Academy will not be applicable for the AWS re/Start program

    We may accept credits by examination awarded by other approved institutions for courses that appear on an official transcript with a grade of C or better.
    You may attempt credit by examination if you are taking an exam for a course or expired certification which already appears on your transcript.

    Please speak to your Career Mentor to determine if your certification will also meet the prerequisite for the programs, as not all transferable certifications will meet this requirement. Navigate to fill out you submission form and upload applicable documentation for consideration.

    1. I hereby acknowledge reading this document in full and understand the FTCI policy regarding Transfer of Credit and Prerequisite testing out procedures.

    2. I hereby acknowledge that if I successfully test out of a prerequisite class, I may have to wait until a new class cycle prior to entering the following class. I may also be placed into a supplemental class until calendar and instructor availability align for my next class.

    3. I hereby acknowledge that I will make every effort to communicate my request to test out of a prerequisite and complete the exam prior to the following class rosters being established.

    4. I hereby acknowledge that FTCI will provide a single opportunity and I must perform at a 90% exam score or greater to test out successfully of a prerequisite.

    5. I understand that the school is not required to provide certification vouchers and may discontinue doing so at any time, for any reason.

    How and when do incoming transfer students know what credits are accepted?
    Full disclosure about the transferability and applicability of coursework from other institutions are provided to all transfer students as part of the admission process, prior to matriculation. Written notification about the applicability of transfer credit to the FTCI General Education requirements is sent to the prospective student and to the FTCI Academic Director. Transferability of required courses in the major program is determined by the faculty of the appropriate academic discipline and the Academic Director.

    Can I appeal the decision if denied? Yes. Appeals should be made in writing and addressed the Program Director. The appeal should include documentation and a detailed argument addressing the reasons stated in the denial of transfer credit. The by the Program Director will be final.

    Can I receive credit from other colleges or institutions for the programs completed at FTCI? We cannot guarantee acceptance of credit for our programs at other institutions. Students should contact the admissions department at the appropriate institution and understand that schools transfer of credit policy.

    How do I request copies of certificates of completion to submit to other schools? Students can expect Certificates of Completion to be sent via electronic means within 3 business days of successfully completing an FTCI course while maintaining Good Standing. In the event a student has lost their original certification of completion, please make a request for copies of in writing to the Student Services department.

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