Adryenn Ashley, founder of new blockchain and AI-based dating app Loly is a serial entrepreneur and sought after startup advisor that was recently named as one of the Top 45 over 45 and she has no intention of slowing down.

With Loly she’s now pioneering a blockchain and AI dating app that matches people by orgasmic compatibility, rather than only photo and geolocation. Ashley wants to redefine the notion of consent and make hookups safer, better, and more frequent. I asked her the pros and cons of dating in an AI-enabled world.”

How is AI positively impacting the dating world?

“In traditional dating apps, you present the best version of yourself which never leads to the best match. Using AI you can be more truthful and tell the app what you want, secretly really want. AI can even find the perfect match without the user feeling like they’ve disclosed something private to another person. AI enables matching without human intervention.

Also, with machine learning, we can learn about the user and identify potential matching facets of personality they would never have thought of that could be their secret keys to finding love.”

What are the negative hazards of AI and dating?

“AI is only as smart as the parents that train it, the data scientists. That can lead to bias in the underlying programming that will come out and that’s where we have to be careful. Imagine the AI is a toddler – if you only feed it ice cream, it will never likely eat broccoli. In dating depending on who is doing the programming, that person may or may not have an inherent racist bias, which may determine that mixed-race matching is not good.”  Read More

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