Women In Tech: Quynh To Tuan

Women In Tech: Quynh To Tuan is full stack developer for Tillhub

Women In Tech: Quynh To Tuan talks about what made her interested in the tech field.

Like most jobs nowadays my previous position in digital advertising had an online – and thus somewhat of a “tech” – component. The job never required me to be tech-savvy at all, but I needed to be able to explain to clients basic questions like: “What is a cookie?”, “What is an API?”, or “What is a server?”. So I learned standard answers to those questions from my also not-tech-savvy colleagues, but it seemed like everybody only knew half of the story.

But I never seemed to be able to acquire the deeper knowledge required to answer the tech-related questions I had to satisfaction. So for example, we all knew that a cookie somehow collects data about the web page user, but I wanted to know how it REALLY works. How does it get on my computer and how does information just magically pop up there? I needed answers. And reading up more and more about these things online only helped only to a degree, because every article would have other words I did not understand and needed to look up. It was a classic rabbit hole.

So I decided to learn from the ground up and started coding. First I tried to learn how to code in my free time – on weekends or after work. But as you can imagine, the little time I could allocate towards learning by myself was not sufficient to get up to speed in any meaningful way. So I decided to take a big step forward, quit my current job, take all my savings and do a coding bootcamp. This big decision did require a lot of research and talking to others who have taken the same route before me. What encouraged me was their excitement and belief in what they were doing in their new lives as developers.Read More

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