Self-care is an important aspect of life to maintain. Occasionally, life can become overwhelming, but with a good work-life balance, you can work through anything.

1. Turn your damn notifications off
“No, seriously, turn them off. Now. You do not need a notification, a ping, a popup or a nudge every single time you get a work email. You especially do not need one on your personal phone, or on the weekend.

Very, very few things are truly urgent, and the ones that are will have other ways to reach you than just email. Turn it off so you can stop living in the perpetual interruption > distraction > reaction cycle that push notifications cause.”

2. Make commitments in the evening, and show up for them
“If you’ve got no evening plans, it can be ridiculously easy to let your finishing time slip until by the time you leave, travel and actually get home, it’s virtually bedtime.

That’s why you should make an effort to make commitments in the evening at least once a week, whether it’s a scheduled family dinner (ideally at a restaurant so you can book a table), a catch-up with an old friend, or a movie you’ve already bought the tickets for. And make a habit of turning up when you say you will. Don’t assume your partner will understand if you’re 30 minutes late – respect them like you respect your boss, and be on time.”

3. Take up a class
“In addition to your evening commitments above, take up a hobby or a class that happens at a fixed time every week. When you know you have to be at tae-kwon-do at 7 pm, you will actually leave your desk at 6 pm, even if there’s still more to do (tip: there will always be more to do).

An hour a week isn’t a huge commitment, but it will stop you saying yes to work you can’t complete without spending your evening in the office, and it builds up surprisingly quickly into a whole new skill. No, work-related skills don’t count. Pick something totally different, and give your brain a break.”

4. Take all your holiday days
“ALL OF THEM. No rolling over allowed. You get a pitiful amount of time off per year compared to the amount of your life you’ll spend at work. For goodness’ sake, use it.

If you can’t manage a whole week off, take a couple of days here and there. Take a Friday and Monday and have a long weekend. Take random Wednesdays if you must. Just TAKE THOSE DAYS, they’re your legal right and part of your compensation package.”

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