“The job search process can be stressful for candidates, but hiring managers have their share of challenges as well. Their companies are likely short-staffed if they’ve lost a team member, and preparing to onboard and train a new employee adds hours a day to managers’ already busy workloads. Keep this reality in mind as you jump through the hoops of the interview process. Make life easier for the hiring team by avoiding key mistakes that trip up many applicants and homing in on what matters to your potential future boss. Read on to learn exactly what hiring managers wished you knew.”

The details make a difference
“From your first contact with an employer to the thank-you note that you send after your interview, everything matters. Don’t think that if your resume is perfect, you can let your guard down on the subsequent steps. Even communications with an employer that seem “less formal” to you – such as email messages to confirm logistics – should be treated as part of your official application. Typos and other careless mistakes can cause you to miss an opportunity, no matter how minor they may seem to you.”

We look for red flags
“Each manager has his or her own list of pet peeves, but you’d be wise to avoid some of the most obvious ones. These include arriving or calling in (even slightly) late for an interview, treating any part of the job search process too casually (such as failing to turn off your cell phone during your interview) and being unprepared to talk convincingly about why you want to work there and what you can offer the company.”

Asking the right questions shows that you know us.

“Some job candidates rely on their reflexes during job interviews. While it’s helpful to anticipate curveballs, you should also prepare smart questions to address the inevitable final inquiry of the interview.”

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